You are hereLittleFe v4d Assembly Instructions

LittleFe v4d Assembly Instructions

Step 0: Unpack and Inventory

Step 1: Attach Side Bars to Motherboard End Plate

Step 2: Attach Middle Plate

Step 3: Attach Guide Rails

Ask an instructor to help glue padding strips to the bottom guide rails.

Step 4: Attach Ethernet Cables and Wiring Harness to Frame

Step 5: Attach Ethernet Switch and Cables

Step 6: Attach Power Supply and its End Plate to Frame and Attach Wiring Harness to Power Supply

Step 7: Attach Hard Drive to Head Node Motherboard Plate

Step 8: Attach LEDs and Power Switches to Motherboard Plates

Step 9: Attach Motherboards to Plates and LEDs, Hard Drive, Power Switches, and Wi-Fi card to Motherboards

Step 10: Attach Handles to End Plates

Step 11: Insert Motherboard Plates in Frame and Power and Ethernet Cables in Motherboards

Step 12: Screw on the Metal Retainer Strip and Rubber Feet

Step 13: Preferred Orientation of LittleFe for Cooling Purposes

Step 14: Attach Power Cable, Turn On Power Supply, Turn on Head Node

Ask an instructor to validate your unit and show you how to turn it on.

Step 15: Install BCCD


Step 16: Attach Bungee Cords to Pelican Case, Insert LittleFe into Case

First ask an instructor for help taping foam padding to the Pelican case.