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LittleFe Wins the 2011 UCES Award

By admin - Posted on 16 February 2012

Associate Professor Charlie Peck, representing the LittleFe project, took the Earlham Cluster Computing Group (CCG) to SC11 in Seattle and was chosen among 5 finalists to receive the 2011 Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Sciences (UCES) Award by the Krell Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science. The purpose of the UCES Award program is to recognize undergraduate faculty who have recently developed courses, programs, and/or curricular material for computation and data enabled science and engineering. The award comes with a framed certificate and a check.

LittleFe ( is the hardware component of Acme, the turnkey appliance for high performance computing, computational science, and data enabled science education that is used by approximately 50 colleges and universities for research and teaching.

The Bootable Cluster CD (, a Linux distribution which comes bundled with the tools and libraries needed for high performance computing education, serves as the software stack for LittleFe.

SC is one of the world's largest gathering of people who work in high performance computing and computation and data enabled science and engineering. It is sometimes described as Burning Man for geeks, this year about 12,000 of them. While there, the Earlham contingent presented their work on the LittleFe and BCCD projects and organized a series of buildout events for 15 college and university teams from across the United States.

Computer Science at Earlham College provides high-quality education in a wide variety of fields the incorporates a broad liberal arts foundation and Quaker values. This allows students to experience all sides of computing, with an emphasis on the people, organizations, and groups working together to improve the field. CCG is part of Earlham’s Computer Science applied and research groups where students are integral to the running, upkeep, and continued growth of all aspects of the department.

The LittleFe and BCCD projects are managed by a group of educators and education enthusiasts, currently those people are:

Tom Murphy, Contra Costa College
Jennifer Houchins, Shodor Education Foundation
Charlie Peck, Earlham College
Aaron Weeden, Shodor Education Foundation
Skylar Thompson, Washington University
Andrew Fitz Gibbon, Earlham Alumnus '09

Our student interns are currently:

Mobeen Ludin, Earlham College
Ivan Babic, Earlham College
Leif DeJong, Earlham College
Kristin Muterspaw, Earlham College
Alex Seewald, Earlham College