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LittleFe goes to SIGCSE 2012

By admin - Posted on 24 March 2012

Charlie Peck accompanied by Ivan Babic (EC ’13), Mobeen Ludin (EC ’13), Gus Schuerger (EC ’12), Kristin Muterspaw (EC ’15), and of course LittleFe sat in an uncomfortable van for hours before reaching North Carolina to participate in the SIGCSE 2012 Conference.

The group, joined by Aaron Weeden (EC ’10) and Jennifer Houchens (Shodor Foundation), spent a couple of days talking about LittleFe to faculty who use them, people interested in acquiring kits, publishers, and NSF program officers. Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and the EAPF were all present at the conference, some of whom work very closely with CCG in promoting and developing the notion of “Parallel and Cluster Computing Education” through the use of LittleFe.

In addition to hours of showcasing, the group had the chance to talk to Piazza developers, learn about Microsoft’s TouchDevelop and Robotic technology, acquire and learn about electronic multimedia textbooks from publishers and most importantly, eat sushi at a classy Japanese Restaurant.

Among other things, the group learned about Microsoft’s Net Gadgeteer project which they hope to employ with the upcoming LittleFe design for use in Antarctica.

“This was my first computer science conference ever, and I had loads of fun. The conference was about furthering computer science education; various colleges, organizations, publishers, etc. were there to show off what they are doing to help get students interested in computer science. The conference was a great experience, and I cannot wait to attend more.”

-Kristin Muterspaw EC ‘15

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