You are hereWelcome to the SIGCSE 2015 LittleFe Buildout event!

Welcome to the SIGCSE 2015 LittleFe Buildout event!


Aaron Weeden

Parallel Computing Mentor

Shodor Education Foundation

Mobeen Ludin

High-Performance Computing Mentor

Shodor Education Foundation

Skylar Thompson

System Administrator, Genome Sciences

University of Washington

Deeksha Srinath

Student, Computer Science

Earlham College


Locations of LittleFe/BCCD Buildout units

  • Red = Past Buildouts
  • Blue = SIGCSE 2015 Buildout

What Buildout participants agree to do

What the LittleFe/BCCD team agrees to do

  • Provide support via the mailing lists littlefe-developers at (internal list for project administrators) and bccd-developers at (public list for users of BCCD).
  • Announce updates, improvements, future events, and survey results via the littlefe-users at and bccd-users at mailing lists and the websites and as well as the LittleFe Facebook and Twitter pages.

Event agenda

8:15am to 5:30pm (lunch and breaks on our own)

  1. Assemble LittleFe and install BCCD. Instructions
  2. Demo curriculum modules and talk about developing them.
  3. Address any questions and concerns.
  4. Fill out post-event survey.
  5. Depart - until we meet again!


Our sincerest thanks to:

  • The National Science Foundation, who provided support for the hardware for the event in grant number 1347089 (Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation).
  • XSEDE and the Ohio Supercomputer Center, who provided travel support for the event.
  • Earlham College, who provided in-kind support for the event.
  • The Shodor Education Foundation, who provided in-kind support for the event.
  • SIGCSE, for facilitating the pre-symposium event.
  • The rest of the LittleFe/BCCD team, for their tireless work behind the scenes.